Help Choosing the Right Builder

It is important to get the right builder for the job ..... if you need help to choose the right builder I can help you to decide.

You should obtain at least 3 quotes and arrange to meet builders on site to discuss your project.

To help you decide:

  • You will need to have a good rapport with your builders whilst on site, if you ask for a quote from a larger contractor remember the person who comes to meet you may not be the person on site day to day.
  • Can you trust them to take good care of your property?
  • Do they display a good level of knowledge and ask the right questions?
  • Can they work to a timescale you are happy with.
  • Do they have past projects they can show you?
  • Is the cost acceptable and is everything included? (you will not necessarily select your builder on price and you will need to check that all aspects of the job you need done are included)

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